I want a 4th Street Live!, too.

If you were to travel just a couple hours down I-65 you would eventually run into the fine, midwestern city of Louisville, KY. Louisville, in my mind, is a pretty cool city for a few reasons.

1. Everyone says the city a different way. Looeyville, Loovull, Luavull.

2. Louisville make great bats, Louisville Sluggers.

3. Louisville is on the water. Jealous. (we have the canal, right?)

4. 4th Street Live!

Let’s talk about number 4 for a second…4th Street Live! is one of the greatest entertainment districts that I have ever seen and the crazy thing is that it’s only a couple of hours away. There aren’t many places like this in the world, much less in the Midwest. It was built to be the ultimate place to eat, party, hang and watch concerts. Pretty sick.

I was down in Louisville last night and I decided to capture a bit of the magic of 4th Street Live!, chek out the video below to experience it for yourself.