I thought i graduated high school…

So, i really did think that i graduated high school back in 2001. Finally venturing into the world as an adult and leaving behind the petty drama that is associated with high school and immaturity.

But, apparently that isnt the case. I know that drama is going to happen…it’s inevitable…but, really…petty high school crap?!?! he said/she said bull crap?!?!

who has time in their life to sit around and start drama!?!? If i wanted it in my life i’d watch a soap opera. But instead i get to deal with drama started by someone who apparently has way too much time on their hands and is jealous of something he or she may not have.

what’s the point to it all really!?!? Is there some sick satisfaction in knowing that you started the drama that is ensuing in real life?!?! I thought i was dealing with grown adults?!?!?! am i mistaken?!?!

i dont know the whole story about what is really going on…there are some blank spots still…and i am not going to go into detail as that will only give this person the satisfaction they are so desperately want…

But, i will say that i dont deal with drama especially that which is bullsh*t to begin with. So, if the person that started the drama i am speaking of (trust me, you know who you are) is reading this…GET A LIFE!!

After this blog…your drama will no longer affect me…no point in dwelling on LIES!

Now…going to go brush my shoulder off and eat some lunch!!