I think we might be getting somewhere..

So over this last month I realized that i’m so much better off without my jerk ex boyfriend. Its so hard to take off the fog lenses that are the aspects of a given relationship. Its crazy to look back and realize, wow i did everything, and got nothing in return. I hate that I was treated like that, and now that I realized it happened, I’m not going to say I regret it, but it makes it difficult to ever advance in another relationship with anyone. Because it makes me think, is it all going to be like this? And everyone tells me no, its just all so confusing and misleading at the same time. I suddenly wish that all of my past relationships hadnt resulted in either being cheated on or emotionally destroyed. I know I’m strong and I know i’ll move on, but i find it hard to believe things will get substantially better. I’m just hoping someday, somebody will prove me wrong. Until then, i’ll be waiting.