I swear I’m STRESSED ouT!!!

Love, Life, Family,
I got issues my friends can’t understand me.

I swear I’m stressed out till I’m stretched out.
They say I gotta have hope but I’m fresh out.

This is my therapy to write this out, so I can keep stickin my chest out.
I wear my pride on my sleeve I wish u could feel me
Even though I feel like I can’t get out, and feel x’d out, I’m gonna work harder to make it out!

I’ve got a ex wife, that recently abandoned me.
She took my daughter,
She left my life,
She left me with the bills and man you can’t understand me.
But I work it out, even though I’m stressed out. I write this to you, so check it out.

I look in the mirror now, and see myself. I know gods not gonna let me down, but he’s making me sweat it out.
I feel left out, but it’s just doubt keep stickin your chest out rob and don’t peel out.

When I come home, there is always bills, I feel I should I create my own fucking will. I thought about sending myself up to heaven, but I can’t check out just cause I’m stressed out.

But I think about my little girl, she needs her daddy to help her grow in this crazy ass world.
It’s all about the cards god’s dealt me, even though I’m stressed out, I’m gonna deal with it, for my little girl, because I know what it’s like to grow up in this world.
Without a dad when your sad in this life is stressful enough when you grow up.
It’s sad, if you feel me, but I ain’t gonna let that happen, to my baby known as Sadie.
She’s my little baby, fuck it man I’m on it, stay focused man

Believe me that I aint’ stressed already, like I aint got enough pressure to test me.
I don’t know when my next blessing is coming , but until then I got be strong for me and my little baby.

I feel stressed out. I feel times running out.
But the one thing I know is, gods gonna land me a FULL HOUSE to switch it out.
and build a future that leads to not being so dam stressed out.