I shouldn’t have to do this, but I am going to

I am sitting here in a lobby in Cavanaugh hall in my sweats with a headache waiting for class to start…

I realize this headache is no ones fault but my own (well the shot Nate picked out didn’t help haha)

Anyways I realize I have done some out of character things the last two times I went out.

But kissing people is not a crime, it’s all in fun. It’s not like I am taking random mofo’s home to do it. (I don’t think my rents would appreciate it anyways haha)

I just want to say calling me names and making assumptions about me is not okay.

I don’t care if you love me or hate me, just don’t decide that until after you have had the chance to know me. I have never cared what people thought about me, unless it is based off of bullshit.

I just don’t feel some of you have given me a fair chance. When I joined mojo I just saw it as people to party with – and that’s where it stops. Then I got to know some of you, and I liked you. I made friends. Minus the drama, I’ve met some cool ass people.

As we all know i recently went through a breakup… Mojo did not make it easier. I am going to make my references to this quick because most of it is personal. I know I get a bit angry when I drink too much, it’s something I’ve been working on. My anger to him comes out then because that is the only time I can be as cruel as he was. Latent anger is a bitch. Anyways I am sick of always being the bad guy. (or assumed to be)

Basically what this blog is supposed to be saying is, I am sorry for those I upset – and shouting out to all those who haven’t given me a fair shot.

Mojo is supposed to be fun, let’s all start havin it :)