I played with some balls last night!

So, last night…was certainly an experience!!

Originally I had planned to sit the sidelines and support Mojo’s dodegball team, Team Ramrod. However, I was talked into actually participating in what i figured would be pure torture. I am not a dodgeball fan (except for the movie!!)…so, I wasnt excited about playing AT ALL!!

I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that i was able to play. I expected nothing less than pure fun when the mojo crew is involved and I was not let down or disappointed in any way!!

Not only did our team truly dominate BOTH teams we played, but we did it while truly having a blast. I dont know that i have laughed so much playing a sport!! From watching The Rob in a 2 on 1 showdown where he ripped his shirt off in the process and won the match, to seeing Party Boy make an appearance, to Mr. Jingles running around acting like he was throwing a ball!! Besides the fact that we cant count to 5 when it came to the guys, our team was on it’s A game for sure.

While we did lose a couple of matches along the way in our double header, we certainly dominated the competition!! There was definitely some mad display of dodgeball going on last night from all the players!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to next week…i am going to have to practice!!!