I love my parents

As they say, the other shoe fell yesterday. My father passed away after having a heart attack in his home Mon. night. I can’t process the strength he had to go on these past six months after my mom died. He had said he never thought he would outlive her. I knew the holidays were going to be hard on him. The first ones in 49 years without my mom around. And her birthday is the first of December. And their wedding anniversary was a couple of days after that. I love my dad very much. I understand he’s happy now, back with my mom. But, I can’t stop my inner child from crying for his mommy and daddy. I’m glad my dad’s not trapped in his failing body anymore. He hated not being mobile like he used to be. And he hated not being able to remember names and things he used to know. That’s the one thing I most fear, I don’t want to be trapped in my own body. I love you Mom and Dad, and I can’t wait to see you both again, until then, I’ll be careful.