I love me some Mojo Night Football at The Spot

So last night was the first official Mojo Night Football at The Spot and as the mo’fos began to pour in from all corners of the city I found myself with a smile on my face.

At one point my man Nate said it best when he came up to me, double-fisted, and screamed, ‘This fuckin’ rules and I’m drunk on accident!’

What an awesome Monday – I literally can’t wait for next week…hope to see you all there!

Some of my favorite pics of the night(more pics here in the Mojo Gallery):

Me and Justin rockin’ it out

The glasses…classic

Stephanie’s eyeball, Megan, Nate and me rockin’ it

Hot chicks + guitars = awesome

Love the shirt

The Tastic in the glasses

See you next Monday, ya’ll.