I Got Called Annoying

I got called annoying one week ago today. On Twitter. And it has been freaking me out. It is one of those words. Annoying. It sticks with you because we all know and HATE annoying people.

So, now I have to dissect my behavior. I was a little drunk. But I was only drinking water there. I laughed some. Watched TV. Played with the dog and left. But somewhere in all that, I said something, did something, that was annoying.

I guess it doesn’t really matter. Since this person didn’t have the balls to say something like ‘Shut the fuck up’ to my face. Or even to put it on a site where I would actually see it (I ain’t on Twitter, but I am like super internet spy, shit don’t get passed me).

Seriously though, if I am ever annoying, please say it to my face. I don’t want to annoy you. Unless you are bothering me.

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