I can’t believe she beat me

So once upon a time… just_jen and I met in college and had a little fun. What started as a “hey you look good while I’m drunk” officially turned into a “you’re pretty awesome” and two years later, this happens…

I, Shawn Smith, have officially asked Jennifer Lenore Bundick to marry me. Taking a look at her last name, I’m sure you can guess she was gunning for it all along, but she has successfully woo-ed me so that she can change her last name (no disrespect to her family of course :) )

So how did it happen? Well… it happened in a bowling alley.

Jen and I have been together for about two years. Little did she know, I have been planning for the last month or so to ask her to marry me, but I had to tie up some loose ends (including the ring) before I did it. However, what made me propose earlier than anticipated was my word. I’m a man who tried his best never to lie and never to make a promise he can’t keep. And I have kept my promise.

For those who don’t know me personally, I love bowling. I’ve been bowling for about 10 years and have been on local, professional and casual leagues all over the city. When Jen and I got together, one of my relationship prenups was that she had to learn how to bowl and she had to like it. She also had to obtain a 140 average (which has yet to happen, but she’s getting there) and be prepared to bowl regularly on a league with me.

And so began Jen’s training. I taught her how to bowl, I helped her buy her first ball, and I bought her shoes for some random occurrence I don’t actually remember… however, I do remember one faithful day during a bowling practice where she made the claim “You know, one day I’ll beat you.” Me… a cocky bowler with a 190 average (not even THAT good in bowling terms) immediately said “HA!”

At the time, her average was 105. For her to beat me would be akin to David slaying Goliath using a toothpick and a marble. So I told her “If you EVER beat me in league play… I will propose to you on the spot.” She laughed because she thought I was joking, I laughed because I never thought it could happen. Well..

Today I ate my words. Bowling with Swell and B-rowdy on our Sunday night league at Expo Bowl, Jennifer Lenore Bundick bowled a very respectable 183. An easy 40 pins over her previous higher total. As for Shawn Sinclaire Smith, who had bowled a 214 in his previous game? He (I) could only muster a 158.

And so, a slave to my word, I approached the PA system for the entire bowling alley. And there, I humbly explained my promise and Jennifer’s conquest, and I proposed to her over the microphone PA system in front of 100 waiting (and confused, I’m sure) bowlers.

She said yes.