I am the LIZARD king…

First off, let me start this blog by saying that any reviews or event postings here will be half-assed at best, and ridiculous drunken ramblings at worst; so stick with me as I try to give some news updates, for anybody who might actually give a good-god-damn, on some of my weekly bar hopping and band listening adventures around INDY. OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s the scoop.

Spent Friday, July 24th at LIZARDS on the South Side for what I knew would be an awesome night of live local music. I’d never been to LIZARDS before (I believe they opened in June of ’07) so didn’t know what to expect. While the place does give the first impression of being a bit of a honky-tonk hole in the wall, it’s got a very friendly staff, nice stage, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, games and pool tables, and probably one of the best freakin’ cheeseburgers you’re gonna find out there in the bar scene. Did I mention affordable drink specials? That’s always a plus.

Not to mention the fact that Liz, the owner, is a total cutie and the drummer for one of the most rockin’ bands out there right now, THE WILL WOODROW PROJECT, but I digress. Show started out around 9pm with the strange ensemble of JIMMY DIX, and was followed by WILL WOODROW, who, if you haven’t heard these guys live yet you really need to check them out (especially if you’re a fan of bands like ‘Dave Matthews’ and ‘Blues Traveler’ with a dose of anti-authoritarian lyrics. I was hearin’ the hint of some ‘Rage Against the Machine’ in there as well). They’re the house band at LIZARDS every Thursday night, so it’s definitely worth the trip just to hear these guys perform their bluesy/funky infused melodies of energetic bass driven rock!

CIVILIAN, the buds I was really there to see, put on a kick ass show and sounded even better live than on their debut CD release ‘Saints and Sinners’. I’d recommend everybody get out to 8 SECONDS SALOON next week (July 31st) and support these dudes in the battle of the bands. I’ll be there as well with Darren Snider from the cool INDY IN-TUNE podcast, doing some live recording and interviews with the bands, so come say hello! But again, I digress and will talk about this event again in the next blog posting.

And last but not least, and better late than never, MERCURY showed up just in time for the midnight spot, and I’ve gotta say the dudes rocked the place though the sound was a bit loud (or maybe it’s because I’d had 5 beers and some Jack Daniel’s by that point, and it was midnight). Whatever the case, they played a few originals, and some covers, and it’s not often that a band can do justice to ‘Helter Skelter’ and ‘RoundHouse Blues’ but these dudes pulled it off. All the more happy that they showed up because I’m the one who booked them for the evening and I would have looked like an ass hadn’t they arrived.

All in all is was a great time and hopefully I’ll be helping with some booking/promotion of CIVILIAN, and MERCURY, in the months to come. If you’re intrigued, you can check both of these guys out at my first official CROSSROAD RESONANCES event on Sept. 12th at ZANIES TOO on the east side, which will be an all day festival helping to raise money for the ‘Circle City Toy Drive’. A lot of great bands are on the line-up for Sept. 12th, including KINGSTREET CONSPIRACY, STATE SECRET, GASH HOUND, SHADYSIDE ALLSTARS and much more, so hope to see you out there for a good cause.

And in the meantime, I’ll be back again next weekend to leave some brain doodles regarding the July 31st Battle of the Bands at 8 SECONDS SALOON. Have a nice week all ye readers of INDY MOJO!!!


PS: Again, everybody should get out to LIZARDS on Thursday nights to hear THE WILL WOODROW PROJECT, drink some beer, and eat some burgers. They put on an impressive and frenzied live performance.

More pics of this event can be found in my photo gallery at: