I am lost without my internet

I was sitting at work, trying to avoid actually doing anything big, while I get caught up from the holidays. Suddenly the Internet connection went down. It was down for about an hour. So, I did what anyone else would do, try to find something to keep busy. But everything I turned to do just about, ended up requiring Internet access.

My Pandora radio died. I couldn’t visit Mojo. I couldn’t read the news (no news paper here). I thought, ok, I will work on my coding skills, but I needed the microsoft library to figure out some coding. I couldn’t chat because my messengers were down.

At this point, I was thinking, crap, I am going to have to go get another Work Order ticket to work on. NAAAAA! I have too much pending right now to start a new project. I was just waiting for an email from an internal user, which I should still get on the Intranet at work.

Panic was setting in. I had no books to read. I had nothing.

Finally, I decided, I sit on my ass all day anyway in front of a PC, I will go walk on the treadmill a bit (too cold out).

What would we do without the Internet? We would cut off much of our communication, learning, and entertainment. I think even as a Programmer, I am too dependant on it. If we had a major worldwide event and all satelites and much of the power was lost, how would we ever survive? I kind of envy guys who know how to do things like carpentry, fixing engines, survival in the woods. I can’t do any of that.

Maybe it’s time to learn….I think I will look them up on the Internet!