HULK’s Gonna Smash Some Faces

The countdown to one of the most anticipated Altered Thurzdaze events has officially begun as the G9-bomb is set to go off with The Claw of HULK this Thursday April 7, 2011 at The Mousetrap. This free show guarantees to rip out the repressed dance beasts in all of us as The Claw (a major player in the US dubstep duo also consisting of Richie August) takes the stage.

In an exclusive interview, Claw gave us an idea of what to expect by describing their music as a “large angry chest rattling bass and electronic noise backed with machine guns for drums. I’d expect no less than complete chaos at the show.”

Bassment Jaxx – Wheres yo head at (HULKS Rave Monster Remix) by Hulk

Hulk began shortly after some online conversations revealed the two, who were both on the same recording label, had similar views on music. After meeting at the 2009 Winter Music Conference (WMC), collaborations were set into motion which produced a multitude of releases and eventually the 2010 co-founded BroTown Records.

With musical persuasions ranging from drum and bass to heavy metal, the two have found themselves fusing more than just their music together. They also have several mixes integrating dubstep with other genres of music such as hip hop and rock. When asked about working together, Claw said, “We agree on the songs most of the time actually, though we do occasionally end up deleting each other’s edits and redoing them. Part of the reason Hulk is around is because Richie and I seem to work well together without really arguing or having any issues that speed bump the creative process.”

Although the two have had several successes on their own, Claw credits Hulk’s accelerated rate of success to what they do as a team. “Together as Hulk we’ve found a nice blend of our styles into one massive, unstoppable force for the dance floor.”

HULK – Bass Dip by Hulk

So if you haven’t already decided where you are going to be Thursday night, or if you doubt there’s justification of going out on a “school night,” be sure you understand that often times it takes some travel time to see a show like this. Not to mention, but I’m sure I already did, that it’s FREEEEEEE.

Techno Sucks by Hulk

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Speaking of FREE, here’s a track they recently gave away to fans for getting over 10K plays….

The XX – Shelter (HULK Remix) by Hulk