Hugh Jeffner on the Indy dance scene, non-radio DJs & haters.

We always try to showcase MojoStock performers and I recently had a chance to sit down with Mr. Jeff Huddleston. Aka DJ Orion – aka Hugh Jeffner to talk about the current Indy dance scene, non radio DJs and haters. I was pleasantly surprised at how open and honest he was. Check it out.

JK – You have an extensive and impressive musical history in this city as DJ Orion. What promoted this sudden identity shift?

Hugh Jeffner – I took this ridiculous measure to simply to be myself. I am proud of all the accomplishments and national level events I have done with the DJ ORION brand. In doing the TOP 40 brand many people and DJ’s especially have so easily forgotten where I started and how much time I have lent my ear and airtime to them. So I simply feel the need to let talent trump bullshit.

JK – Where do you see Hugh Jeffner in 3 years.

Hugh Jeffner – I will be producing a ton of records and continuing to succeed despite getting NO publicity from any local papers or media. I guess spinning for the IMS(Indianapolis Motor Speedway), national sponsored events, and having licensed remixes out doesn’t make me marketable enough apparently. Hell, maybe I’ll buy a bar that holds 10 people so it qualifies as artsy enough to be written about.

JK – You make a living as a DJ. What do you compromise to continue to be successful?

Hugh Jeffner – I have sacrificed everything to be successful in this business. My family time, I have spent every last penny on records to stay in the game(prior to digital) , and most importantly lost many friends due to the pressure of this business. Also, you never get to sleep due to everything being viral these days.

JK – Do you feel that radio DJs are often disrespected by non-radio DJs? If so, why?

Hugh Jeffner – This is great…! I once said to a certain DJ who will remain nameless…without Top 40 you don’t exist in the game. He scoffed. Now he says,……..bro..can I get a guest spot on air. Funny how people admire something than diss it when it does well. The kids that think radio sucks should go to dave Guetta and Tiesto and tell them they suck for being young 30 somethings who are rich as hell. Seriously, people need to recognize that music sees no color, format, or genre…music sees green as in MONEY. So show me one kid that is so cool he plays every show for free for the love. Still think radio sucks? Sleep on that haters!

JK - Awesome.

JK – Top 40 has taken an Electronic turn in the past few years, was that a hard adjustment for you?

Hugh Jeffner – This was easy in part to doing this anyway by default not to get bored with crap from national artists. I would like to personally thank all the DJ’s like DJ Dan, Chu Fu, Tommie Sunshine, and others that have no shame in remixing Top 40 so I have something fun to play in clubs or on air.

JK – What would you change about Indianapolis DJ culture and why?

Hugh Jeffner – I would sit all these crass complaining DJ’s down and explain to them they will not change the world. Specifically, I would say we are microscopic faction of music so loose the fucking attitude you carry with you. Lastly, it is ok to be different…if you like jungle and hip hop great..if you play rock and techno great. Stop the petty shit and play records.

JK – How has social media changed Indianapolis nightlife and more specifically your profession?

Hugh Jeffner- Social media has enabled and disabled. I have never seen so many skill-LESS wannabe internet DJ’s in my life. People come up to me at bars….My friend who spins in Chicago or whatever thinks you suck…Serious? Dude..get off your twitter or facebook once in awhile and go do something other than talk shit. On the positive end……….NO MORE PAPER flyers stuck to my windshield wipers. Thank You. Viral invites save trees and clutter in my life. Twitter is my fav because it has less spam than FB and is less personal.

JK – You are partnering with Matt Allen for your DJ set at this year’s MojoStock festival, what do you have in store?

Hugh Jeffner – We are doing something eclectic that will probably be unique as hell. We are both 80’s headz so I’m sure it will be fun and and easy to dance to.

JK – If you could offer advice for up and coming DJs in Indianapolis, what would it be?

Hugh Jeffner – BE YOURself……You don’t have to be well liked or the coolest kid in the room to succeed. However, you do need to be humble, be good, and learn at your own pace. Remember…………Talent Trumps Bullshit.

JK – Great stuff. Thank you.


Here at, we try to be everything to everyone. Although we do a ton of EDM and Jam events, we often find ourselves involved in big holiday dance parties like New Years Eve or Halloween. When dealing with such crowds, I have to say that DJ Orion aka Hugh Jeffner has been at the top of my list for several years now. His ability to read big crowds and his strong mic presence make him well worth the big event paycheck.

Locally, Hugh performs every Friday at Bartini’s Downtown and every Wednesday at Britton Tavern in Fishers. He also performs monthly at Tiki Bobs and Sensu.

You can catch Hugh Jeffner and Matt Allen on the Tent Stage at this year’s MojoSock festival. They play Saturday afternoon.