Hubble 3D at the Indiana State Museum IMAX

Ever wonder what it would be like to float through space? Experience the next best thing to zero gravity in Hubble 3D at the Indiana Museum’s IMAX theatre starting Friday, March 19. Rated G, the film shares the gripping story of the Hubble Telescope, which was launched into space in April of 1990. A perfect Indianapolis education opportunity to engage Indianapolis kids, Hubble 3D offers spectacular visuals that will truly inspire them to learn.

As one of the largest and most versatile research tools in space today, the Hubble telescope allows the world to glimpse into the furthest reaches of space we have ever seen. Not only has it produced some of the most landmark images in space research in history so far, it has helped to answer many mysteries of space. The Hubble telescope’s primary mission was to measure distances to Cepheid variable stars to the most accurate degree yet, helping scientists to calculate the rate at which the universe is expanding.

In addition to that, it has been used to prove and disprove a whole host of other theories. It has observed supernovae, black holes, other planets in our solar system, extra solar planets, gamma ray bursts, the list goes on and on. Hubble’s fascinating story is shared in Hubble 3D at the IMAX of the Indiana State Museum. Journey through distant galaxies as you explore the grandeur of space. Stand side by side with space walking astronauts as they attempt the most difficult and important task in NASA history.

Image from Hubble, Indianapolis, IndianaThe film reunites the creative team behind the celebrated Space Station 3D team, and is the seventh of NASA’s IMAX films thus far. Atlantis astronauts hauled a giant 3D IMAX camera into space with them to document an extraordinary repair mission on the Hubble telescope. Though they carried over a mile of film with them, it only added up to eight minutes of footage. Every shot counts in this thrilling look at the Hubble telescope. One reviewer described these eight minutes as, “worth the price of admission alone.”

On top of the live footage of the space walking mission, the film is composed of 2D archival footage that has been digitally converted to three dimensions and interviews. Learn what it is like to fly through space in 3D. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Hubble 3D is an intense and exhilarating look at Hubble’s legacy and profound impact on our knowledge of the universe and of ourselves. Don’t miss this exciting film playing only at the Indiana State Museum’s IMAX theatre.

Head to Indianapolis downtown to the Indiana State Museum for Hubble 3D. With prime Indianapolis real estate along the Indianapolis Canal Walk and White River State Park, the Indiana State Museum is neighbor to a host of Indianapolis attractions. Take a stroll along the canal as you gaze at the sights of the Circle City including the Eiteljorg Museum, the NCAA Hall of Champions and the Indiana History Center.

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Hubble 3D

Starts Friday, March 19

Indiana State Museum IMAX Theatre

650 West Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204