How to Not Drive in Snow

I found this article on and thought everyone in Indiana needed it.

So it is snowing outside and you may be one of the unlucky one’s who have to go to work. Amazingly, living in Virginia would make people think that we have some idea of how to properly drive in such weather. The truth is that people are terrible drivers and literally freak out when there is 1 millimeter of snow on the ground. Here is common sense advice on how NOT to drive in snow and rain.

Step 1 – The first is to not clean your car properly. That means that you will leave snow everywhere and just scrape a little circle on the driver’s side so you can see just right in front of you. Do not clean the whole window including the back windows and side mirrors. Best of all though leave all the snow on top of your car so that when you are driving, large amounts of packed snow can fall on other cars and possibly cause them to wreck.

Step 2 – The next thing you want to do in order to cause an accident is to hit the break lots of times and really hard. Don’t tap the breaks lightly or try to avoid hitting them at all which is what safe drivers do, you want to make sure to skid past the red light and run into the car in front of you. In addition, go really fast and fly into a ditch.

Step 3 – Remember that you own an SUV; therefore, you are KING OF THE ROAD and nothing can stop you. Go ahead and speed, making sure to change lots of lanes which increases your chance of an accident much more likely. Follow other cars very closely and drive aggressively. Hey, it’s not your fault other cars did not get anti-lock breaks or 4WD!

Step 4 – If you follow these DO NOT’s in bad weather, I can almost guarantee that you will increase your chances of possibly killing yourself and other’s.

It’s going to be a looooooooong winter. Sigh

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