How much wood could a wood chipper chip?

Nothing says ‘wake your ass up’ like some wood chippers in the morning. I found this out the other day when the soft & soothing sounds of a few trees getting chopped up into oblivion came pleasantly drifing through my window at 7:00 am.

I’ll tell you what, they were packin’ some major heat with those wood chippers and the trees didn’t stand a damn chance against the huge blenders of death that were parked outside of my front door.

Poor, poor trees – I don’t even know why they got chopped. I guess it was their time. Maybe I should just look on the brightside, at least it’s getting nice out and we all know that nothing says Summer like some shirtless, chainsaw-wielding wood-choppers. :)

I bet that they thought I was crazy when I started taking pics & video of it. Check out a brief glimpes of the destruction below.