how i spent sunday

sunday i went bike riding with my 2 little brothers. tom is 27 and will just turned 21 on friday, sept 26th. we’re riding down the alley and we don’t know where to go, so we stop. we hear a “scritch scratch” noise, it’s coming from a downspout, and there’s a squirrel tail hanging out of it. the poor thing was trying to climb up a downspout. after observing for a minute i decide to touch the fuzzy tail. it was soft, and i expected the squirrel to come out and attack me, but it stayed in the downspout, trying to climb up. weird. squirrels are great.

so we continue bicycling over to some dirt hills, a construction yard of sorts. the construction workers left the keys in the backhoe and in this huge bulldozer, so tom jumps in and after a minute, starts it up. i was reluctant to drive one of them, fearing the man would see us, but i did after some coaxing. turns out bulldozers are pretty easy to drive. it feels like you’re moving faster than you are, and its super loud. i drove the bulldozer in a big circle and moved some earth with it. i also worked the backhoe, i was helping tom dig a hole he started, and i moved a big rock we found. i felt just like a union worker.

i was supposed to go to this dudes house an fix my roll pan on my truck. the license plate box fell off while i was dragging it. i left him a message but haven’t heard back, so i prolly won’t get that done today. hopefully tonight i’ll be playing some halo 3 with my boy rocky. if only i had my own 360, i would never leave the house, except for indy mojo tuesday at the vollrath of course.

cliff notes: today i touched a squirrel, drove a bullodzer, dug a hole with a back-hoe and moved a big rock.