How do YOU spread the IndyMojo love?

Last night was yet another awesome night of Mojo Night Football at The Spot with a ton of mo’fos coming out to catch some football, Guitar Hero, beer and fun. But, as the night wore on and it was nearly 2:00am most people were heading home to crash, but not Stephanie and I – we decided to go spread some IndyMojo love in Broad Ripple…sidewalk chalk style.

Up until now we have done a variety of things to spread the IndyMojo love, such as sticking bumper stickers to everything we see:

Or, like plastering some IndyMojo banners onto telephone poles:

But, last night(this morning) we had a new idea – let’s rock out some sidewalk chalk and see what happens. I was a little skeptical at first, but as you can see the chalk turned out being one of the coolest things that we’ve done yet…and I think that people will notice it today, what so you think? :)

Here are a few pics of some IndyMojo sidewalk chalkin’ in action:

In front of an ATM: ‘ is SO money!’

In front of HotBox pizza: ‘Want free Hotbox?’

The Egyptian Hoohak Bar: ‘ is smokin’

Indy CD & Vinyl: ‘Rock that’

Average Joes: ‘ is WAY above average’

And last, but not least we went al out on the Jimmy Johns parking lot…it’s written HUGE: ‘Jimmy [heart]‘s’

Now THAT’S spreading the IndyMojo love, baby! Now I know that you’re not all going to go rock out some sidewalk chalk at 3:00am, but all I ask is how are you spreading the love, too? It’s Tell-A-Friend Tuesday, so let’s get after it! The easiest way to help out is to rock out your Join Button to all of your MySpace, Facebook, etc. peeps. Send it out now and let everyone know all about the Mojo-ness that they’re missing…thanks, as always, for all of your help.