Hot Mess Release "No Requests" EP


 “They know what we like, and that’s lots of drops. Man do they have a lot of drops!”

That was one of my camp neighbors at Mojostock 2011, referencing Ohio dubstep duo Hot Mess. They played opening night of the two-day festival last summer and kicked things off with a bang. Giving new meaning to their name, they kept festival-goers bumping inside the hot, muggy EDM tent while rain fell outside.

 Hot Mess was so hype, in fact, that they literally fell through the stage on which they were performing. Mojostock staff reacted quickly and temporarily filled the hole with a cooler, barely disturbing the performance.

Yesterday Hot Mess released an EP titled “No Requests” and it’s full of hard-hitting beats, heavy doses of dubstep, and- as my Mojostock neighbors reminded us- lots and lots of drops.

Here’s a streaming sample of the grimy goodness found within:

Ready to see them live? Good. They’re our guests at Altered Thurzday next week. For some of the dubsteppiest dubstep you’ve heard and seen at The Mousetrap in a while, be sure to swing by.

We’re celebrating Matt Ramsey’s birthday, too, so be sure to give him a few spankings… or something like that.