Hitting the beach…in Indiana

Last weekend I headed up towards ‘the region’ with Kim this past weekend on our way up to Chicago. Kim grew up in the lovely town of Chesterton, IN, which is waaaaaay up in northwest Indiana, right on the bottom of Lake Michigan. Here’s where it’s located for all of you visual people out there:

Anyways, once we got to Chesterton we chatted with her parents for a few and then we headed out to check out the Indiana Dunes State Park which is only about 5 minutes from where Kim grew up. We made it over to the park in no time and once we got the car parked we didn’t really waste any time getting over to the beach. I have been to a beach on Lake Michigan before, but I must admit that it still feels odd knowing that the sand that I was walking on is actually in the state of Indiana. The beach was clean, the sand was great and there were tons of people out enjoying the late evening Indiana sun.

As we wandered around the water, here are a few things that stood out to a Chesterton newbie:

The water was great and we were on the prowl for some beach glass

This is what beach glass looks like…well, very small beach glass

These girls were definitely relaxing

Here are some kids running down Devil’s Slide

This kid found a turtle, but his mom made him put it back

This is Devil’s Slide, it’s a pretty big sand dune

A long walk up the dune

Kim was making her way up

It’s a lot easier going down

I wish that we would have had more time to actually throw on the suits and soak in the sun a bit more, but I guess that will have to wait until next time. Until then, Chesterton and the dunes will be waiting for all of you to come visit…tell them Kim sent ya.