Hi[Lighter] Party

So the other day a friend of mine invited me to a HiLiter Party. Now, maybe I’m old, or maybe this is a regional thing…but I’d never heard of this phenomenon. So I asked my friend: You’re going to a WHAT?

She then described to me what this party was, and I was left confused. According to the Urban Dictionary, a Highlighter Party is defined as “Everyone dresses in white clothes (or underwear) and carries a highlighter. Everyone writes on each other and by the end of the party you are glowing.”

Now I don’t know about any of you out there, but this idea really didn’t seem all that great to me. It sounds to me like something a teenage girl would do for a birthday party…And then I started thinking, no, it really sounds like something that a fraternity or sorority would do! And when I googled “hilighter party” what came up was a bunch of pictures of fraternity parties and a blog from a 13 year-old girl talking about her birthday party. How funny!

So I didn’t go to this party, but just thinking about it cracks me up. And I wonder if any of you have gone to one such party or have thought about having one. And if you have hosted one or gone to it, what makes it such a great time??? Is it all the alcohol thrown in?