Hidden Relic Productions helps local jam bands.

I would like to welcome Hidden Relic Productions to the Mojo family!

Hidden Relic Productions is a local music production company from Avon, IN.

Joey Buttram and his staff do everything from recording music & live shows, booking shows, street team concert & festival advertising, concert production, videography, photography, concert & tour poster art, logo & sticker design, t-shirt design, album art, web design, press kits, and anything it takes to market your band.

If you’re a band…these guys can help! Check em out!

We run into these guys at every festival and they are always down to party!

Hidden Relic Productions does the event promotion for the new bar “Boonies” in Avon.

If your into jam bands…then check out their new website. www.hiddenrelic.net and sign up to receive their awesome newsletter!

I subscribe and it’s a great read!

Welcome aboard Hidden Relic!

Keep up the great work!