Hi, my name is Brian and I am a Mojoholic

Ok, so Boston Boy got me started, and I have really needed to get out a little more, but after last night at Landsharks, I need recovery time.

I didn’t drink more drinks than usual, only stronger ones. Magen and Jingles tried to warn me about that bartender, but no, I didn’t listen. I sat at Qdoba till about 5:30 am before I was sober enough to drive. Needless to say I got up late for work this morning. My roommate woke me on the couch….problem is I went to sleep in my bed.

I don’t drink much and already got drunk twice this week. I will still come out, but if anyone needs a DD, I am sticking to water for a while.

I met a couple of really great people, despite the alcohol. Scion, Magen, Jingles, Erin, and many more. I am just sad I was so gone I couldn’t really dance, since I actually like to. Next time.