Here's the Skinny

On the eve of Mojostock, you may have noticed that IndyMojo was unavailable for quite some time. We’re a pretty open group here on Mojo, and in the spirit of transparency, we’d like to let you all know what happened tonight.

Stoopid Monkey
Don’t blame us.
He lied on his resume.

While trying to do some fairly routine maintenance, an error occurred on our system and the database from IndyMojo was damaged beyond repair. 99 out of 100 times, this is not a big issue. We recover the database from our backup server, install it, and keep on truckin’. Unfortunately this time we also had the pleasure of discovering that our backup system had broken sometime over the last couple of months and there was no backup data.

In other words: the perfect storm of “OMGWTFREDALERT”.

This meant that the last month’s worth of blogs, pictures, forum posts, movies, and even new members were suddenly and irrevocably gone. Thanks to dumb luck, we happened to have a local backup of our data from late June when the site last underwent some big maintenance, otherwise our lovely would have be zapped back into the April stone age.

Despite receiving what would seem to be a mortal wound, we here at Mojo were unwilling to calmly accept defeat. Using our magical nerdy coding skills and a little bit of Google caching magic, we were able to retrieve many of the deleted events and blogs posted within the past month.

We were not, unfortunately, able to retrieve all of them. If you noticed something is wrong (your account doesn’t exist anymore, for example) or something has gone missing (a blog or event listing, again for example), please send an email to: We will do everything within our power to get your content back and get you up and running again.

Just to clarify, your data including your personal information is still completely safe with us as we were not hacked or infiltrated. We were just beaten by a combination of stupid mistakes and plain ole’ bad luck. If anything, your information could be safer now than it was before…. assuming it doesn’t exist… :-/

We apologize for the break in service, and we can promise that something like this will not happen again. Our server administrator has had the fear of God and righteous damnation put deep into his soul, and he’ll be keeping his eyes open for problems like this.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the trouble. We look forward to seeing everyone at MojoStock tomorrow and starting to forget this miserable series of events ever happened!

Note: If your account was created after June 17, we have some bad news. It was lost completely Unhappy You’ll need to make a new account to continue. If you had blogs you’d posted as well, we may still be able to recover them, but we do need you to create the new account first. Please email us at for assistance.