Here Come the Mummies! The undead attack the Vogue…

I love checking out something new in Indy, especially when that something new is a bunch of amazing musicans who wrap themselves up like Mummies. Now that’s entertainment.

I have heard about the group Here Come the Mummies! for a few years now and for some reason I’ve never followed through and actually went and experienced their live show. Well, this all changed last week when I headed out to hang with Kim, Beth and Brandon at the Vogue to see what all of this Mummies business was all about.

The show was amazing and the Vogue was freakin’ packed to capacity. There’s not many places in Indy that are better to see a show than the Vogue – especially when the people are packed in and ready to party.

Check out the video below and my pics in this Mojo Gallery if you’re feeling a little frisky. Also, if you can ever go see the Mummies, do it – it’s something that everyone should try at least once. :)