Her love is a privalage

Her love is a privelage…

She depends on no one, and wants for nothing material in the world, works 9-5 and puts in over time… Her love is a privealge.

She is always on the go and never has time for breakfast, but it’s a nutragrain bar, and she’s out the door… Her love is a privelage.

She wears heels all day and and nice suits that fit to a tee, but only to make her life better but not complete…. Her love is a privelage.

She has all that a women could want in her life but there is something missing from the 99% of her life. Her love is a privelage.

She needs her feet rubbed at night, and her shoulders massaged from that long business meeting that lasted all night, but with her busy life, it’s shoes off at the door, and night night… Her love is a privelage.

As she sit at her desk with continued text from her girlfriends, telling her to give work a rest, she replies that its just stress. Her love is a privelage

She lies in bed from a day of work only because she is ill from all her hard work.

Her body has broken down from being at meetings all over town. She has a queen size bed that needs a king but with her busy life that’s all a dream. Her love is a privelage.

She hurries ot the door on a cold Indiana morning wishing that she was not so lonely. Her life so fast past, and she falls asleep with tears on her face because there is something missing in her life that could wipe the tears away.

Her love is a privelage…

She awakes for her day, and sees eye liner on her face from the tears she did not wipe away. She looks in the mirror at her pretty face and says ” This is the day” Her love is a privelage.

She crawls back into bed and sends me a text the guy that she met that was just the average joe but she knew that i was a catch. So she tells me about her busy life and why i never see her at night. And with this opportunity in sight, i tell her that her love is a privelage and thats all it took and she was at my place for dinner and away from her busy life.

Moral to the story, love her for who she is, not for what she has.