Help name me, please.

i am in between names right now and since i am yet to actually meet any mojo member, what better time than now to find a suitable name.

1. sampstar (pronounced sam p star) is a name that Purdue kids call me since for some reason we always use our aim screennames for the most part. i don’t like the cheesiness of the star in the name, but i’ve had it since near birth

2. uncle sam – i’m an uncle and it seemed to fit the other day. Maybe Drunkle Sam, since i’m more of a drunk than an uncle.

3. Smooth – that was actually my nickname back in college 1. i wish there was a better story behind it involving ladies, but it had to do with a bball player known as the “Big Smooth.” Nobody ever buys that story though.

4. Butler – something to do with Butler might work, but i’ve got nothing specific in mind.

5. Samsonite – i was way off (i hope you catch that movie reference)

6. @$$ – maybe just some symbols

i don’t know, i need input.