Hello..would you liked to be scammed?

So as everyone who lives above ground knows the big healthcare bill was passed last month. Hold on, I am not calling the new law a scam, I am referring to the “entreprenuer” breed of society that is going door to door offering health insurance under the new national law. Apparently they are asking people to sign up and pay before the “limited enrollment” is filled and spots are no longer available. There is no current enrollment going on and won’t be anytime soon. These people acted fast and are playing on peoples confusion of the bill, which doesn’t take effect until 2014. It is a pretty disturbing act that ranks about as low as scamming grandma out of her retirement money. The areas in which this is happening I don’t know, but if you have anyone knock on your door and offer national healthcare please use your freedom of speech and tell them to eff off.

Anyone had this occur to them yet?