Hello, Boring Moms

I realized that I’m probably the most boring person on Mojo. lol The only hits I get are those who doing mass advertising. But, that’s ok. I’m married, two kids, stay at home mom…how boring can you get??!!

Oh, stop it! I’m not in a funk. It’s just funny. Instead of hooking up on the Mom’s sites where they talk about breast milk and lazy butt husbands, I’m doing the hip Mojo blog. LOL Does that say something??

It tells me that Moms my age worry way too much. They wrap themselves in their kids so much that they lose their own personality and sense of fun by the time the kids leave the nest. So what are they left with? Nothing but time to interfere with their kids lives and spouses and kids.

May I never be!

Seriously, I resolved to not get lost in the life of another…even if it is the fruit of my womb. I mean, they are leaving me, right?? Traitors! lol When hubster and I got married, we planned. We planned to have a life beyond our children. And now that my kids are 16 and 11, I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. They don’t need me every waking moment to wipe their butts! (thank goodness!) So, yes, unlike many people our age, instead of running all over town dropping kids here and there, we do like to spend time out and about for ourselves.

Read, party! LOL

Don’t get me wrong. My family is still #1. I love them and I want the best for them. But, hubby and I are part of that, too, and we need to keep in touch with who we are in the process. Sometimes it’s time to tell the kids….”hey, it’s mom and dad’s night out!” It also allows us to give them the moments of truth, I call them. Time to build the trust; time to gain some experience at being independant; practice at responsibility. And, ya know what. For the most part, they do a damn fine job. Instead of fretting over what they are gonna do, I give them a chance here and there to make good choices and make me proud.

And, wonder of wonders, when you put the bar that high, they manage to reach it.

So, any other party Moms out there?? lol If you are thinking you are too old or too “mom-ish” for a hip community…then you probably really need to get out more!