Hello all!

This is my first blog entry here on the mojo and it has been a long time coming now! I am so happy to be finding some freedom and a new sense of what life is about. I have come to realize that maybe I should listen to my friends more often when it comes to love and relationships. I spent three years living for someone, who wasn’t willing to do the same for me, but I was in love and did all that I could, in fact, more than I could to try to make it work. My friends told me that I shouldn’t have to work so hard to be happy, but, call me a fool in love! Well, I am a fool no more folks! I am back and ready to live for me again! I am loving the fact that I found rock star Bridgett again. She is really rad! You will all find out soon enough! Until next time…Be easy, be safe, and be you! Peace and luv.