hedging my bets

I saw in the discussion forums today a thing about “manning up.” It made me laugh, because when I play with Orquesta Bravo, they all say that to each other for things like not being able to see in the dark, not playing right even when the music is written wrong, and not being able to lift a 500 pound speaker by yourself. It also made me think of earlier today, when I had the really amazingly bad idea of planting a hedge next to my driveway in order to have one less thing to mow. As I was elbow deep in dirt, I thought, “maybe I’m not the yardwork kind of guy.” I like DOING the work, but the results are always a little bit less than presentable. So what does it mean to “man up”? Maybe taking responsibility or being tough, but what is tough? I’m pretty tough, but I would lose most fights, since I’m a foot shorter than average, and about 100 pounds lighter. I came to the conclusion that the best way to man up is to be able to keep a positive attitude in spite of all the things happening around you. In that way, things like responsibility and toughness work themselves out. I really thought about that as I got my shovel stuck under a root as I was digging and sailed head first into the mud. At least I was laughing on the way down….
In shamless news, my band Finer will be playing the Taste of Brown County down in Nashville, Indiana. We’re playing the last slot as the Wine fest is getting out, so I’m definitely looking forward to it. If you find yourself down there, come say hi! We play at 7. Also, if you find yourself at the Spring Fest in Muncie, I’ll be running sound late at night at the open jam, so come say hi!