he skiied the canal??!

Well shit. I rarely ever write blogs… I usually just make Video Diaries, which i still may do here in a minute.

Last night i supposed to play at Canal Point Grill, which i did, but for about 10 mins then that muther fucking Typhoon came back through and soaked my ass. Yeah everything got wet… Bollocks. As I was playing an older couple came out to watch me and since i had to stop early i decided to do an intimate little concert for ‘em on the back patio. It was cool as shit, I wish i could stuff like that more often. I’ll be honest, I love performing and being loud and in the spotlight, but the main thing is i just love playing and seeing how happy i can make people. That felt really good.

Then my dad showed up. I grew up about 45 mins north of Indy in a small white trash town called Elwood, IN. My folks still live there and so he had drove all that way and only got to see me play 2 songs. My dad is a good dad. All the girls love him, he’s Jolly Roger the mustached pimp pirate. Dad had never seen the Broad Ripple it is now. I guess back in the day (’70s) he and his friends jumped in the canal a little west of college on a little dirt path that is now called Westfield Blvd. He put on his ski, and tied the rope to the back of his kickass convertible Chevy Blazer. He could only ski about 4 blocks cause of the bridge but all the locals got a kick out of it. He’s a crazy dude, but a good dude. I wish we could do that shit now, but it seems like there are just too many rules these days… but hey IndyMojo does get to bend ‘em a little so i can’t complain too much.

Well it’s saturday and my babe and i are gonna have dinner with the folks, hit up a drive-in movie at Tibbs Drive-in on the Westside and then go to a house warming party at my friend Sandra’s. I hope you folks had a good night and have a great saturday. late