Hawthorne to the rescue

High blood pressure is considered the “silent killer” in America. 40 % of the population is expected to affected by this condition. African Americans are hit by this problem more so than all other ethnic groups. The actual cause for this condition is still unknown, but we do know that lifestyle choices play a big role in avoiding high blood pressure.

Hawthorne Berry is a natural herb that has garnered some attention over the past few years. In Germany it is commonly used to help lower high blood pressure in combination with regular medications. There is evidence that shows taking Hawthorne Berry can help people get off medications for high blood pressure. The positives of this is that people can avoid the natural side effects of the blood pressure medications. Hawthorne Berry has been shown to have no severe side effects.

The studies show that Hawthorne Berry helps with increased exercise ability also during rehab from heart attack and also will help decrease the symptomology of shortness of breathe associated with heart problems. Ongoing studies are being done to look at other effects this herb may help with. It hasn’t show any reactions with other medications either, which makes it even more appealing.


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