Haunted Flower’s TV on DVD Review of The Jeff Dunham Show

7 Episodes on 1 Disc Widescreen (2010)

“The Jeff Dunham Show” is a Comedy Central offshoot of Jeff Dunham’s live shows using the familiar characters Walter, Achmed, Bubba J, Sweet Daddy Dee, Peanut, and Jose Jalapeno. In this seven episode season, Dunham introduces his characters onstage in front of an audience and then goes to a clip of them out in the real world trying to interact with other people.

Watching the show, the format is VERY similar to the Dave Chappelle Show where he would interact with the audience and introduce segments and then go to the clip in a sketch comedy sort of way. However, the difference between Dave Chappelle and Jeff Dunham was that Chappelle was really good at this. When Dunham takes his characters out in public, the audience is supposed to believe they are real people and other actors and celebrities talk to the puppets.

For example, Brooke Hogan is set up with Peanut on a date until Peanut “eats” some guacamole laced with nuts that he is allergic to and Achmed intercepts the date to put the moves on her. We see the characters’ feet, dancing with other people, shooting guns, all sorts of things.

If you like these characters and think they are funny on their own, than this show will probably work for you and you’ll enjoy it. The magic of the previous live show format was that everyone marveled at Dunham’s ability to DO these characters since ventriloquism isn’t easy and there was always potential for him to start cracking up too much or making a mistake or Achmed’s arm falling off which would increase the hilarity of any given bit. Taking the “live” quality out of the format with everything being pre-taped in these segments means they could have used as many takes as they wanted to finish a scene, so it just isn’t as impressive as when it is done on the spot. Also the scenes themselves just aren’t written that funny anyway.

The concept of Jeff Dunham having his own show sounds great, but this format does not work for his brand of comedy and talents effectively.

Bonus Features:

Behind the Scenes shows the making of sketches of Achmed joining the Marines and also Achmed’s funeral. Jeff Dunham is smart enough to know that Achmed is one of his most universally liked characters due to his talking in a wittle cute voice and varying inbetween that and temper rages. These segments aren’t more than a few minutes and include some Comedy Central Promos.

The unaired sketch is with Sweet Daddy Dee, a character I don’t even remember from other specials I’ve seen from Jeff Dunham. He apparently gets to wear lots of chain bling and slang. His cut scene is Sweet Daddy Dee helping Germans get rid of an acapella group singing in the attic. Yes, the attic. He turns them into a Bavarian singing group to save them and when the Germans still don’t like them, Nazi and “The Sound of Music” jokes abound. A good choice to cut.

The bloopers show that his live bits introducing scenes often had to be retaped, especially when he starts coughing. He often forgets his lines and starts laughing and stuff goes wrong with the puppets getting their hands stuck on walls.

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