Haunted Flower’s TV on DVD Review of Sherri Season One

Sherri: The Complete Season One
13 Episodes on 2 Discs, Widescreen Edition (2010)

Actress, comedienne, author, and co-host of The View, Sherri Shepherd stars as Sherri Robinson, a single mother who works as a paralegal still attempting to follow her dream as an actress. (Obviously, this role must be SUCH a stretch for her.) Sherri has a six year old son and is separated from her husband who cheated on her with a white girl who works at Quizno’s and got her pregnant. Most of Sherri’s conflicts are with her son, her ex, her career, and dating new guys.

I wish sitcoms could just be judged on how funny they actually are. Laugh-tracks still seem unusual and fake. When it doesn’t rely on sentimental moments and just stays in the comedy mode, Sherri is actually pretty funny. Her delivery is enthusiastic and while the story lines are very predictable each episode, her fresh expressions help keep the show going. Her rant on the “cow giving away the milk for free” was one of the most hilarious moments.

It is uncertain how many of these episodes are based in some small scale on things that actually happened in Sherri’s life, but whether or not the viewer has had any of her situations, they still can be pretty funny. She is easy to empathize with and who doesn’t like a mad black woman going off about her ex-husband? This is one of the funnier sitcoms this year and it is easy to get drawn in with the characters and situations.

Theo from the Cosby Show (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) makes an appearance as Sherri’s ex who got a white girl Quizno’s employee pregnant when he cheated on her. Her father is James Avery, the dad from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and he shows up to give her comfort and tough love advice when she has trouble keeping her divorcee bitterness at bay. Her friends at work are all distinctive, Celia’s a sassy reverend’s wife (Tammy Townsend), Angie’s a blond from Brooklyn (Elizabeth Regen), and Summer’s a quirky nerdy single lady boss (Kali Rocha). Michael Boatman from “Spin City” is one of Sherri’s potential suitors as her son, Bo’s (Brandon Khalil) pediatrician. Bo himself is a pretty low energy personality, could’ve used a little more pep in their casting.

Final verdict is that this show has a lot of merit and is worth a look, especially if you are a mother, a divorcee, an actress/comedian, black, or a woman and if you are a combination of all of these, you should definitely buy this season one set. If you are a fan of Sherri’s and watch “The View”, you’ll love this. There is no verdict yet that I could find on whether a second season will be made so you should check out the DVD set to see it. The season ends with a cliffhanger so there has been a bit of online message board requesting for another one.

DVD Extras:

There are 8 Webisodes including stand-up about about family, friends, kids, dating, and finding the right guy. Sherri does her version of what Jerry Seinfeld used to do for his show but she only does stand-up in Season One of her show in two episodes. It’s funny, it’s fresh, and it is easy to relate to without having to get shock value, swearing, or sex involved. The bits she does on friends playing games together is hilariously accurate. It seems like these may have original been recorded to go on the very beginning of the show or the credits but was not included in the show.

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