Haunted Flower’s TV on DVD Review of Family Guy Volume 8

Family Guy Volume 8
15 Episodes on 3 Discs being released June 15, 2010

“Family Guy” continues with Volume 8 which is a collection of fifteen episodes including the infamous “Road to the Multiverse” Brian and Stewie special that kicked off that run taking the Family Guy cast through a series of different worlds and different types of animation like Hanna Barbara “The Flintstones” style, “Robot Chicken” clamation style, block people, the family as dogs, and the graceful Disney style with the song, “It’s a Wonderful Day for Pie” that gets stuck in my head with regularity.

The uncensored version allows for swearing and shockingly Peter’s exposed private parts in the episode with the Kathy Ireland cardboard stand-up, “Family Goy.” Other gems in this bunch are the story of Peter’s past life as a founder of the Quahog colony, the condensed re-telling of Stephen King stories: “Stand By Me”, “Misery”, and “The Shawshank Redemption”, Quagmire as a dad, the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast hanging out with Stewie, and a “Spies Like Us” spin-off featuring the actual voices of Chevy Chase and Dan Dan Aykroyd.

In this set, the evolution of “Family Guy” has led to an increase in live-action style camera angles over the shoulder while characters are talking, digital animation, and more fancy computer sequences. The comedic timing is as sharp as ever, the cut-aways more random and hilarious, and the songs are very catchy.

Bonus Features:

There is commentary on almost every episode by Seth MacFarlane, writers, directors, producers, and other cast members. There are also a bunch of deleted scenes and a full script for the episode “Road to the Multiverse” featuring pencil sketches of some of the characters!

The Road to Road to the Multiverse featurette talks about the episode being another “Road To” Brian and Stewie adventure and how the premise was like the sci-fi television show “Sliders” where the characters would “slide” to different dimensions all the time. They talk about how they grabbed Disney animators to gain authenticity for the “Wonderful Day for Pie” scene.

One of my favorite bonus features is Family Guy karaoke where you can literally follow the bouncing ball to the lyrics of Family Guy songs: “Gotta Give Up the Toad”, “Left Foot, Right Foot”, “Road to Rhode Island”, “Hic-A-Doo-La”, “You’ve Got A Lot To See”, “My Fat Baby Loves To Eat”, “You Do!”, “You And I Are So Awfully Different”, “Buy Me A Rainbow”, “You Have AIDS”, “The FCC Song”, “When We Swing”, “Shipoopi”, “Noble Indian Chief”, “(In God’s Eyes) Everybody’s Hot”, “This Is One Fine Day To Be Nude”, “Evil Monkey Song”, “My Black Son”, “Drunken Irish Dad”, “Prom Night Dumpster Baby”, “Sodomy”, “Me & Jesus”, “I Like Farts”, “G-Chord”, “The Handi-Quacks Theme Song”, “The Pot Song”, “The Friendship Song”, and finally “It’s a Wonderful Day for Pie.” I highly recommend hitting Play All.

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