Haunted Flower’s DVD Review of The Hills Season 5 Part 2

The Hills Season 5 Part 2
10 Episodes on 2 Discs (2010) being released on DVD April 27

“The Hills” is a “reality” soap opera taking place in Hollywood with several similar characters. If you’ve never seen the series before like me, you’ll have trouble even distinguishing the girls from each other and the guys from each other because they all look a little alike and have similar hair styles. The distinctive pair are Heidi and Spencer because they have been plastered everywhere else on magazines.

The cast is full of superficial semi-celebs who never have in depth conversations, all very shallow surface value interactions and spouts. Kristen Cavallari enters the scene to take up where Lauren Conrad left off. She narrates the introductions explaining what happened last episode and what is to come. She is painted as the “b*tch” because she is more independent and outspoken than the other ladies and when she is crossed over by guys, she cuts them off. The other girls seem completely dependent on men (and in Heidi’s case, babies) being in their lives and respond to their every beck and call. The whole series is a step back for women’s liberation in some ways, but at least Kristen gives a slightly different perspective. Some of the girlfriends are just there to hear the others whine and they don’t get to have their own romances because they have to be the shoulder to cry on and are all too happy to spill secrets to people they aren’t supposed to. Very catty and gossipy which are some of the worst female qualities to display but some young teenage girls are really into this sort of things these days unfortunately.

The fabricated drama and scripted arguments are obvious. The girls are told to fight and they just start going off without anyone listening and having back and forth in conversation and no one needs to scream at each other like that in the real world.

Spencer and Heidi are so annoying and never listen to each other. Heidi’s voice is so sharp and it is grating on the ears. Once they are married, they need to buy a big mansion and fight about it. Once they have a mansion, they fight about wanting to spawn children when they are too immature to deal with each other. They are given situations like babysitting just to prove how ignorant and incompetent they are. Everything I’ve ever heard rumors of on magazine covers and in news when I had never seen the show appears to be true about their personalities. In real life or fake reality life, run the other way! It seems too easy to say it, but Spencer Pratt is presented as the biggest brat ever with probably a third grade reading level. It seems that they deserve each other since no one else would put up with them even though they fight more than any other couple on the planet.

Right away it is easy to notice that this series is deathly afraid of silence. Every three minutes or so a new music track starts up in the background, there is always a melody underlying all conversation in a group or one on one. It would not be a stretch that an entire album of material might be sampled throughout one episode.

The series makes a point to promote certain bands and venues by clearly labeling them in the background and making the cast go to see them and tell them how great they are. They hit up certain businesses for manicures, pedicures, massages, etc. and probably get great advertising out of it. Bet all their drinks and food are comped for the advertising at all these places.

If you like reality tv, soap operas, and/or “glamorous” Hollywood life, this combination is perfect for you. To young teenage girls, this probably seems really glamorous living the rich life with no jobs and all you have to do is throw big parties every episode where you can have big fights with your rival. The whole series is a bad example for the young ones but very popular for some reason.

DVD Extras:

The deleted scenes consist of Brody saying nice things about Jayde whom he talks bad about for the rest of the episodes and how his parents met at the Playboy mansion. Spencer talks more about his weird cowboy hat. There is more gossip, more cattiness, talking about travel plans, babies, and dogs. You’re really not missing anything with these scenes. The after show remix of dumb statements and acting flaky is amusing at first, but the Heidi’s party one is super annoying. The baby rap mixing up quotes to rhyme is funny. “The B*tch is back” is a special to promote Kristen’s return to the show by talking to a couple people from “Laguna Beach” and eventually Kristen herself with interviewers and a studio audience. It feels like a reality show sum-up after the challenge is over except it’s a preview.

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