Haunted Flower’s DVD Review of I Know What I Saw (on UFOs)

1 Disc, 94 minutes + extras (2010)

“I Know What I Saw” is a documentary that premiered on the History channel that takes the most credible UFO witnesses they could find from around the world and interviews them and looks at their evidence. It was written and directed by James Fox.

In this field, it IS disappointing that 95% of UFO stories we hear come from sources like a one-toothed guy named Bubba that lives out in a field with a thick redneck accent and low hygiene. It is very easy to dismiss these cases as crazy people, drunk people, or hallucinations. But what about that other 5%? What about more credible witnesses?

It turns out there are several people out there who have had UFO experiences while on the job like in the Air Force. There are doctors, professors, and even some politicians who finally admit to having seen something that could not be explained and having proof to back it up. Some years ago, there was a summit in Washington, D.C. for all these credible witnesses from branches of the military, astronauts, the government, and pilots to come together and share their stories in an atmosphere where they would not be ridiculed in order to bring more attention to the phenomenon in hopes of opening up a new investigation into the existence of UFOs.

The Air Force used to be in charge of investigating these claims. They had a team called Project Blue Book and part of its job was to downplay any stories so not to “alarm” the public. Explanations were thrown out right and left about flares, weather balloons, and toxic gas whether they were true or not. Eventually the project was shut down and no official investigations were to take place anymore.

The biggest message of this documentary is asking the question, “Why can’t the U.S. work with other countries and compare notes to try and find answers once and for all? What’s the harm?” Different stories have taken place all around the world and the degree of denial and the jokes prohibit any actual research from taking place. Sure, there are many problems in this country more worth paying attention to, but the people really do want to know. Polls suggest many people believe in UFOs or would like to so there would be many ears willing to listen if anything were found.

In judging this documentary, there is no doubt that 95% of this elite group of credible people are very genuine and hard to doubt. Even more so when they bring proof of their aircraft’s reports showing something being there that isn’t supposed to be. The sketches, notes, and tape recorded panicked voices are a little easier to disprove if one wished, but those maps and sensors wouldn’t lie. This documentary is a nice exploration into a topic many people wonder about so if you’re into UFOs, you’ll want to check this one out.

Bonus Features:

There are more extended interview clips with some of the subjects that were cut down for the film.

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