Haunted Flower’s DVD Review of Everybody’s Fine

Everybody’s Fine DVD Review
1 Disc Widescreen Edition (2010)

Gina from Haunted Flower reviews the movie “Everybody’s Fine”, written and directed by Kirk Jones and starring Robert DeNiro, Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore, and Sam Rockwell. The video consists of my original thoughts fresh from viewing the movie in the theater. Afterwards, I add on my thoughts to the actual DVD release.

DVD Extras:

The Bonus Features are VERY slim on this one. There is the making of Paul McCartney’s “(I Want To) Come Home” song which just goes over how he got onto the project and where his inspiration came from and how they decided when to bring in the song after the score, etc. It is kind of boring actually. Then there are deleted and extended scenes which involve a lot of Robert De Niro talking to strangers about his kids and them responding with personal details about their own lives, a woman breaking into song on the bus, and a too long sequence with the ghost of his youngest son. The cuts were a good idea in short. I’m disappointed with the extras here.

Reflecting on the movie now, I really enjoyed it in the theater the first time but I think my enthusiasm has waned a bit since then. It’s great for families or as a gift though so I would definitely recommend it for that.

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