Haunted Flower’s DVD Review of Drawn Together – The Movie

The Drawn Together Movie – The Movie! DVD Review
1 Disc Widescreen Unrated Edition (2010)

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**This review is for a very crude animated television show worse than “South Park” so consider that before deciding whether to read on.**

This DVD will be released on Tuesday, April 20th. It will also be available on iTunes, Xbox Live Marketplace, Zune, Sony Playstation Store, and Amazon Video on Demand. For the first time, Comedy Central Records will release “Drawn Together: The Soundtrack” on the same day. If the ending credits are any indication, the soundtrack is pretty funny.

The “Drawn Together” TV Show being canceled brought about this direct-to-DVD movie appeared called “The Drawn Together Movie – The Movie” executive produced by Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein. The “Drawn Together” TV Show premise was an animated reality tv show format with a bunch of cartoon characters from different genres: a superhero, a mystery-solving foxy musician, a Disney princess, a Spongebob freak, a Pikachu, a Betty Boop, gay Kingdom Hearts-type video game hero, and a loud pig. They would live together in one house and occasionally do competitions for…..whatever hosted by a guy with a speaker for a head.

In this movie, Foxxy Love notices something is amiss when she notices the cast are no longer being censored so there’s a mystery to solve! Their reality show has been canceled and a robot named I.S.R.A.E.L. voiced by Seth McFarlane wants to erase them. The gang tries to go on a journey to Make-A-Point Land in order to get a point to the series and get back on the air. The taker of their time slot (whom shall remain nameless so not to offend readers) helps them out on their quest and adding this additional character who was like a little girl from “South Park” helped make it just a little bit funnier and she even got her own song. This movie gave the creators of the show an opportunity to end the story and say goodbye to the characters the way they wanted.

“Drawn Together” is one of the most crude shows ever seen. I remember I tried to watch an episode or two before but turned it off because it went too far for me, I am more of a “South Park”/”Family Guy” kind of girl. It makes “The Simpsons”, “South Park”, and “Family Guy” look like “Sesame Street.” For example, there are some 3D animated scenes put in this movie, one of which is a ladies’ three-way sex scene. There is an excessive amount of creative swearing, crazy gross sex jokes, and even corpse molestation. There is a giant character that poops into his own mouth involuntarily and he is actually featured on the DVD disc itself. If it sounds messed up, it’s because it IS. You need a sick mind going into this to stick with it and it was way too much for me, but maybe if you have a super twisted sense of humor this is your thing.

DVD Extras:

The feature “Drawn Together: Confessionals” is interviewing the voice-over actors and discussing how the story came together based on the show actually being canceled and getting the opportunity to go over the line worse than ever before without being censored. The actors talk about their characters and wistfully speak about how this movie might bring about another season (riiiight). “Drawn Together: The Legacy” is a dead-pan tribute to the touching qualities of the show put to epic music. The “Anatomy of an Animated Sex Scene” shows the voice-over actors vocally performing the scenes for crowds at Comic-Con to get interest going to support the 3D spin.

The most shocking extra is the 3D Glasses tutorial with a naked woman (shoulders to bellybutton, no head) demonstrating how to make your own 3D glasses to fully experience the 3D sex scene since Comedy Central cheaped out and did not include 3D glasses in this DVD. However, I’m sure they feel they made it up to you with a topless woman. The deleted scenes are actually just extended sequences stuck in between other scenes that weren’t funny enough to include I guess. It is surprising because the whole movie is only about 70 minutes long, but the DVD includes over an hour of bonus material. Some of the additional scenes were not funny animated and are still in storyboard form like an embellishment of the threesome sex scene with an additional fight between the ladies. There are minisodes to introduce and sum up each “Drawn Together” character.

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