Haunted Flower’s BLU-RAY review of The Tooth Fairy

Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy Combo (2009) just released this past Tuesday

The “Tooth” is painful to hear.
This film will give you a tooth-ache.
Think my jokes aren’t creative? Neither is the movie.

“The Tooth Fairy” was directed by Michael Lembeck whose background has mostly be in TV except for “The Santa Clause 2″ and “The Santa Clause 3.” This is the story of the fall of the mighty “The Rock” from the WWE now known as Dwayne Johnson as he goes farther than he has ever gone before into Disneyfication. Formerly an action hero, he has recently been playing opposite the kids in “Race to Witch Mountain” and “The Game Plan” and now he puts on tights and frilly wings along with macho knee pads to be the Tooth Fairy.

Dwayne Johnson’s character, Derek Thompson was a former Major League Hockey Player that was dropped down to the minors and is still somewhat revered for his title as “The Tooth Fairy” for knocking out opponents’ teeth. Annoyed by a lack of respect from fans and a new kid in the league with a bigger reputation than him already that he has to bodyguard, he makes some bad choices. After some bad parenting and almost blabbing to his daughter that the tooth fairy isn’t real, Johnson is emasculated into a pink tutu with wings less than 12 minutes into the movie.

The set-up feels a great deal like the beginning of the first “The Santa Clause” when Tim Allen tried to tell the truth about Santa Claus and got suckered into the job and got sent to a magical land with an elaborate set-up and a big map and people running around in wings and tulle dresses. The similarities are so ridiculous, it’s just all been dressed up in a different fantasy character down to helping another fantastical character’s career, bonding with a little boy, helping his own career, and fighting with the signficant other with mixed signals from the new job and let’s not forget taking on this children’s character role without choice. Even after losing the pink dress, Johnson is still in a satin blue top and tights and looks utterly ridiculous. It starts interfering with his life sprouting wings at inopportune times and embarrassing him as he struggles to keep the secret.

Thank goodness for the continually magical voice of Julie Andrews entering the scene to give a better face to the Tooth Fairy community. Julie Andrew’s hockey watching at the end of the movie got a laugh by using the trick in “The Princess Diaries” of bringing royalty down to the less regal level by yelling, “Knock him on his bum!” Billy Crystal steps in with a similar voice to the one he used as Miracle Max in “The Princess Bride” but terrible jokes. The cameo by Seth MacFarlane is funny but leaves the viewer asking why are you here?

Ashley Judd as the girlfriend is kind of sad. She gets one funny sequence where Johnson gets to try out a series of apologies on her with forgetful dust inbetween but just phones in this role to get the check as do most everyone else in it. The assistant parole officer whatever, Tracy played by Stephen Merchant is ultimately creepy, especially when he smiles and should probably frighten small children more than make them smile.

Dwayne Johnson luckily has gotten better at comedy and family movies over time, but that still doesn’t make it good. By the time he straps on all his hockey equipment to get the job done, you won’t be cheering because it’s too little too late and Johnson will never seem like a tough guy again. The story and script are the real crime here and he gets through it as best as he can as if he doesn’t realize how much it hurts his reputation. It just isn’t funny when it is supposed to be and it’s been too long since the first “Santa Clause” movie which also was just ok at best and this director didn’t even do that one, just the sequels so why a repeat performance? “The Tooth Fairy” is an annoying movie, but it might keep the kids quiet and leave you alone for a little while. For a more magical evening, go back to “Ella Enchanted” or for the boys let them watch hockey with the first “Mighty Ducks.”

Bonus Features:

On DVD, it is only the feature in Standard Definition with no extras, but I think the new format of DVD + Blu-Ray + Digital copy is the way of the future and a great way to integrate new technology into the ever changing market. On Blu-Ray, there is audio commentary with director, Michael Lembeck where he reveals that he used the same house for Ashley Judd as he did for Mrs. Clause in the “Santa Clause” (which just shows even more how unoriginal this whole movie was!!). He is utterly in love with Julie Andrews’ motherly kind nature as he should be and continues to speak about all the effects that are visited in detail in another feature. Then he stops talking and starts watching the movie for long sequences which is something that happens easily in one person commentaries.

There is a Tooth Fairy Training Center where children in pink and blue jammies do a cutesy 20 minute workout together complete with “wing” warm-up, sneaking past cats, and toothpaste squats interlaced with clips from the movie. I have to give the film props for a creative extra here that gets the kids off the couch!

“Fairy-oke” was something briefly mentioned in the story in Tooth Fairy land and here you can see what that scene would look like fleshed out to “The Wind Beneath My Wings” with winged microphones and you can follow the pixie dust fairy wand for the words and sing along. Gag Reel is your typical people laughing, smacking each other, and lots of wings hitting people in the face. In the deleted scenes, Johnson gets more time with the young hockey kid whose dreams he crushed in the beginning of the movie to turn things around and more time with Ashley Judd’s son.

Behind the Scenes of Tooth Fairy is a nearly 40 minute featurette introduced by the Director and Visual Effects Supervisor to talk about all the special effects used to make Julie Andrews and Dwayne Johnson fly along with all the other little magical sequences with fairy dust. They go into great detail about storyboarding and effects and how to shrink Dwayne Johnson, etc. presented in the driest manner possible. Near the end are some flashier versions of how the effects were done interlaced with scene footage and clearly shown on TV at some point to promote the film.

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