Haunted Flower’s BLU-RAY review of Edge of Darkness

To get a refresher of what I thought of the movie, Edge of Darkness, check out the video at the article on my website here:
Edge of Darkness Review at HauntedFlowerReviews.com

Overall I enjoyed Mel Gibson returning to action/thriller films and most of the story here regardless of his personal life.

Blu-Ray Features:

First off, this film is using the ingenious approach of Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo to increase the perceived value of the set.

Revisiting Edge of Darkness mini-series is one of the better featurettes because it gives background on the TV series and how it came about and what impact it had on audiences in the UK. They explore adapting the series story to today’s audiences who wouldn’t be quite as thrilled by plutonium and bringing the story to Boston and what was significant about the city in a European sense.

There is a quick featurette on the return of Mel Gibson to film and all of the actors compliment his talent and his “boiling eyes.” Mel himself says, “I’m getting too old for this sh*t.” There is quick featurette on the decisions that went into how the ghost character was made and why she was used as a voice and visually as her younger self and another featurette on the score of he film. Director Martin Campbell gets a small featurette toting his fine qualities and preparation before shooting.

There are also five deleted/alternate scenes in which Jedburgh and a middle-management fellow reveal several more details about their investigation into Craven’s daughter’s history and background as well as Craven talking out loud to his daughter after she is gone.

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