Haunted Flower reviews Planet Hulk

Yeah, that animation image for the poster, there? Nothing like that in this movie.

This is more like what you’d see.

“Planet Hulk” was directed by Sam Liu based on the comic book by Greg Pak. In this story, the Hulk has been deported by Iron Man from Planet Earth via a space shuttle and crash lands on another planet. Once there he is captured, enslaved, and forced to compete in gladiator games.

This story feels like a complete rip-off of the movie “Gladiator” directed by Ridley Scott in 2000. The Hulk is forced into combat in a series of fights, first with other slaves, then with big monsters and robots, then a very scary opponent in golden armor, before finally facing the Red King. When the Hulk starts gaining fame from the fans that he doesn’t even want, the Red King hesitates to end his life fearing the reaction and by prolonging it, Hulk grows more popular and the people begin to regard him as their savior from legend.

The Red King’s main bodyguard is Caiera, found by him after her village was attacked by little spiders that make people into really spiky zombies. She is almost invincible and indestructible with a gift for battle but slowly has her doubts about the Red King’s decisions, much like the Emperor’s sister in “Gladiator.”

Beyond the obvious similarities, the character development remains very shallow for Hulk. He focuses on being angry, stubborn, and destructive throughout the story and we are given little insight into his motives. He just likes to smash things and is out for himself, not much of a team player. In a round table discussion with the other slaves that Hulk isn’t a part of, two of them reveal a bit of their back stories since they are relevant to foreshadowing future events, but the other two do not.

The movie feels like it has a really slow beginning and it took a while to really get into it. The battle sequences are excellent complete with green blood squirting out of the Hulk whenever someone manages to land a punch on him. Once his green blood makes contact with this planet’s soil, little green plants grow making his comrades a little more tolerant of his behavior and less skeptical about claims of his savior-ness. By the last thirty minutes of the film, it grew more exciting and though it was very predictable, it had some satisfying moments nonetheless.

This could be a good watch for your kids and the story will free fresh to them if they haven’t seen “Gladiator.” If you were only mildly interested in this movie, you can skip it. The story is very much the same with Marvel characters replacing them on an alien planet. However the ending might be different….

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