Happy after-Holidays

Yep, it’s after the holidays, so there’s the wow, the world stopped spinning mode.


Am I glad it’s over? Sometimes. But I also enjoy the fact that we set aside time for family. Christmas does that to just about everyone. In fact, my in laws almost worship this holiday more than any other. Which is hard for us since we do Thanksgiving with them and not Christmas.

But, that’s another story for another day.

No, I’m really just enjoying being at home. It’s really too cold to do much…I am, after all, a beach bunny. I really should get back to my workout, but it’s kinda nice to just chill. I am cooking a lot. That’s sorta good and bad. LOL

It also has made me concentrate more on what the season is about. I realize not everyone celebrates the birth of Jesus. And, don’t worry, I’m not going to preach at you. But, I do, so I enjoy reading the story again…and contemplating the consequences of that. I am thankful He came and that He saves us from all the stupid stuff we do. I also enjoy seeing my children understand more about the Christ and the whole years of events that led up to this one pivitol time in history.

At any rate, the bottom line is, it’s good for us to have our moments of contemplation. I hope that it does make people who are on the fence stop and think about Jesus arrival some 2000 years ago. Just as much as I hope it brings families together that don’t do that on a regular basis.

But, before we head back out into the world…and another new year when we drink ourselve to oblivion….stop. Sit back, close your eyes, and relax. Contemplate. Embrace your life. Maybe, even, thank the Baby who came for giving it to you.