Hanna Haunted Acres Introduces Hooded


Hanna Haunted Acres has a new attraction this year unlike any other haunting experience in the city.

The aptly-named Hooded requires a signed acknowledgement of the risks involved in the unique do-touch haunt that puts patrons in an opaque hood, robbing them of their ability to see. Stumbling blindly through a possessed dungeon of death, victims must feel their way out via a rope that leads the way.

The experience creates a completely new sensation that’s both terrifying and exhilarating.



Hooded was the most unique haunt I’ve ever been to. The creatures can touch, grab or breathe behind you the whole way through.








The coolest attraction by far was Hooded. The actors can touch you, which always makes the scare a little more real. While there is not much to see, your other senses take over and take the scare to another level!





Hanna’s classic hayride boasts a few updated scenes in 2014, with all your favorite classics still in play. This, too, is a one-of-a-kind attraction that can’t be found at any other local haunt. The tractor-pulled hayride crawls along slowly to give plenty of time to take in all the details along the way. Actors don’t touch, but they come out of nowhere and from all different angles.




I was very impressed by the hay ride at Hanna Haunted Acres. Even though it was not the scariest haunt that I have been to, the use of props, lighting, and timing really made it stand out from all other hayrides that I have been on. The part with a gigantic spider got a reaction from everyone on board.





Kristine adds, “I truly enjoyed the haunted hayride. It was more of an appreciation than an actual scare, but a lot of fun nonetheless.”

Lincoln concurs, “The hayride was classic and, even though you could clearly see the robotics of the scary creatures, it took me back to being a little kid.”

Alas, the remaining haunts on the $29 ticket ($40 for the VIP fast-pass) completely miss the mark with nonthreatening animatronics on timers and lots of dull actors. We recommend taking advantage of Hanna Haunted Acre’s online-only tickets for a single pass to Hooded or the haunted hayride.

Lincoln notes the missing scare factor in Saw, “The attraction was interesting, but it felt more like a creepy museum with recreated scenes from the movies than a haunt.”

Kristine advises, “I believe Hanna Haunted Acres would be great for middle or high school kids, but might not be the most exciting for adults.”

Hanna Haunted Acres

7323 E. Hanna Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46239
















Fast Pass – $40.00 at door or $38.00 online
Combo Pass – $29.00 at door or $27.00 online

Each includes:

  • Haunted Hayride
  • Saw
  • Hooded
  • Outbreak
  • Scarecrow’s Revenge

Online Only Tickets

Weekday Haunted Hayride 4 Pack – $50 online only (valid Sunday through Thursday)

Scarecrow’s Revenge – $12

Single Pass – $19 online only

  • Haunted Hayride
  •  Saw
  • Hooded
  • Outbreak