Hanna Haunted Acres: awesome for its hayride (but not much else)

My first visit to Hanna Haunted Acres was more than five years ago. I remember being excited at the idea of multiple haunted houses at a single location for one [not-so-low] price. I also remember leaving with feelings of deception after discovering that “multiple haunts” only meant a series of cargo trailers with minimal concept development and few opportunities to be scared. The haunted hayride was unquestionably the highlight of that night all those years ago.

So, when I returned this year after a long hiatus I had high hopes that Hanna Haunted Acres had improved leaps and bounds. While I’m happy to report that the individual trailers are gone and have been replaced with one large building and a second smaller one, the quality of the haunt has improved little, if at all.

Despite an elaborate entryway and a creepy actor calling for victims from the front yard, the Indy Mojo spook staff breezed through Hide and Seek without holding hands or emitting a single scream. Carnevil, Hanna’s three dimensional haunt, ups the ante with cool visuals brought to life by 3D glasses. Medical Malpractice’s hospital-visit-gone-wrong theme could have been an effectively scary adventure, but the actors’ continual lack of enthusiasm and originality missed the mark time and time again. With all three attractions housed in a single building, their sounds carry and mix together to create a sense of chaos, but never one of quiet eeriness.

Twisted, located in a smaller building all its own, is a blend of many scenes and themes. Much like Medical Malpractice, this haunt makes good attempt to frighten- and actually does occasionally- but errs on believability.

More than the average, uneventful trip through the woods, Hanna’s haunted hayride is full of spooks from actors who follow the wagon on foot and scare from all angles. The colossal animatronics are impressive- both for their intricate detail and behemoth size. Setting my friend up for the best scare of the entire hayride, I asked him to sit at the back and he obliged unknowingly. (insert evil laugh here)


Indy Mojo Street Teamer Nike’ Nicole has similar feelings of dissatisfaction:

I was not impressed with Hanna Haunted Acres. The corn maze was closed due to rain and mud, but the other attractions (with the exception of the hay ride) left much to be desired. The haunted houses were sparsely populated with actors. The workers they did have lacked a certain enthusiasm that is commonplace at other haunted houses, as if they didn’t care if they really scared you or not. The grounds were spacious, but extremely muddy and hard to navigate. The one thing about Hanna Haunted Acres that I really liked was the hayride, where the actors were more convincing. It was exciting and extremely entertaining with twists around every corner.

Indy Mojo supporter Brandon “Puck” Connolly favored the hayride as well:

My favorite part of Hanna Haunted Acres was the hayride. It wasn’t as corny as I thought it would be. The animatronics were the best feature and you could tell a lot of money and work was put in to them. The actors didn’t exactly have their hearts put in to it, but that may have been because they were cold and wet. Hannah Haunted Acres is okay, but there’s a lot of hype with only massive animatronics to back it up. I didn’t experience the cornfield, but take your kids or friends and make them sit at the back of the hayride. Holy shit.


At $12 per haunt, or a combo pass for $27, the only event that’s worth the money is indeed the hayride. Take advantage of the Weekday Haunted Hayride 4 Pack (four hayride tickets for $11.25 each) if you can, but the Indy Mojo spook staff suggests skipping the rest. They’re open every night from now through November 2nd.

Hanna Haunted Acres

7323 E. Hanna Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46239