Guys…Don’t Make decisions because of them…but to spite them?

So many of you have asked me why I chose to join the US Coast Guard. Well, what follows will be a long, drawn out, extremely detailed account of what happened exactly…
So awhile back I was thinking I should do something good with my life. Help people. You know, live a meaningful and fulfilling life rather than just floating from job to job hoping that I make enough money to pay my bills and then one day randomly dying. I’ve got several friends who are in the military, and I thought it would be a good idea, except that I REALLY don’t want to get shipped overseas to fight a war I don’t believe in and get killed. You know? And I’m just talking in general here. If I fight, I want to fight because it’s something I feel passionate about.
I later realized that the Coast Guard is a great option for people who want to make a difference, save lives instead of taking them, and not be the typical hero with the “I’m better than you” complex. These people save lives every day and don’t get noticed because that’s their job.
I let this idea go for awhile, floated for a bit more, and got a job as a nanny. I later started dating someone who I cared about deeply, and we had both expressed interest in joining the Coast Guard…not many people I know even know the Coast Guard exists, let alone that it is a legitimate branch of the military (at least BEFORE The Guardian came out). So the idea of joining the Coast Guard came to the surface again.
This is where my blog title comes in…Sooooo….we broke up (of course for-you guessed it-Kim!). After breaking up, I decided that I would do something that he would NEVER do. Something that he really wanted to do but just didn’t have the balls to do it. I went and spoke with a Coast Guard recruiter. Part of me did this to spite him, but a much larger part of me did it for reasons having nothing to do with him at all. But yes, spite was a definite instigator. Now, I have to say that I had every intention of joining the Reserves because I absolutely LOVE my job as a nanny and can hardly bear the thought of leaving them, even now that my last day of work is tomorrow.
So now begs the question, if I had every INTENTION of joining the Reserves, why on EARTH am I enlisting active duty? Well, unfortunately, Reservists miss out on A LOT of benefits that active duty members of the military are given. For example: FREE COLLEGE (okay, well the GI Bill gives you $39,000, and the military will pay $4,500 each year for classes you take while you’re still on duty). FREE medical. SCRA (which has many benefits in itself, including a capped interest rate of 6% for any debts acquired before entering active duty). A guaranteed pension after 20 years of service. These are just a few of them people.
Not only that, but I get to save lives on a DAILY basis.
Now I’ve always said that a girl should never make a decision for a guy: ie. move to another state, choose a college, not pursue career goals, etc. But I now ask the question, is it okay to make a decision to spite one?