Green Velvet @ The Vogue

For nearly two decades, Curtis Jones has been one of dance music’s most commanding and intriguing personas. First as Cajmere and then Green Velvet, the Chicago jock has produced cross genre hits from 1992’s smash “The Percolator” to 2007’s hipster anthem “Shake & Pop.”

Green Velvet is by far, one of the top producers of house music in the world. In the mid-’90s, his self-run record labels, Cajual and Relief, spearheaded the continuing renaissance of the genre with distinctive tracks that delivered a powerful dance-floor rush and gave DJs a deep arsenal of guaranteed crowd pleasers. While his Cajmere tracks are upbeat vocal workouts, it’s his work as Green Velvet that continues to fascinate and gain legions of new devotees. Jones sets his GV material on a bed of dark, relentless, dirty beats, while adding his own twisted vocals. Each track has a distinct narrative (i.e., a tour of a night club or an imagined reincarnation as a drop of water); the results are both frightening and hilarious.

Friday December 17th, Slater Hogan is proud to present a true legend in the house/techno music scene. From old school jams like The Perculator, Land of the Lost and Preacher man, to new school anthems like La La Land and Shake and Pop, this man knows how to move a dance floor.

Green Velvet/Chicago- Cajual Records

w/ support from Slater Hogan, John Larner, Action Jackson and Psynapse



Sponsored by Indymojo, Body Work and Muzique Boutique

The Vogue Theater

6259 N.College


$20 door

$15 pre-sale



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