Gorillaz: Plastic Beach

On March 3, 2010 Gorillaz released their third album, Plastic Beach. Originally started as a concept album going by the code name Carousel, over 70 songs were made in preparation of producing the final product. 16 made the final cut and ultimately turned into Plastic Beach. The often admired British artists are more well known for their animated characters than their own faces. Running the gambit from ambient electronica to freestyle rap and even symphonic numbers, the Gorillaz are certainly creating their own footprint within music itself. While not revolutionary as many of the ingredients have been around for quite some time, the blended product is what differentiates their sound from everyone else.

Opening up with an orchestral intro, then straight to Snoop Dogg. That is exactly how Plastic Beach starts out. The album features a number of guest appearances from Mos Def, to De La Soul, Paul Simon, Lou Reed, and the aforementioned Snoop Dogg. Three singles released off this album started with “Stylo“, “Superfast Jellyfish“, and upcoming “On Melancholy Hill“. Each song is awesome in and of itself, while the video for “Stylo” includes none other than Bruce Willis. Plastic Beach is an album that flows like the tide. There is a continual riff, a summer-y almost hawaiian element in many of the songs on the album, and the tracks themselves are all intertwined. Don’t think for a second this album doesn’t include a large amount of melancholy. It will likely take three to four listenings to fully absorb.

4.5/5 A quick walkthrough peaks the album at 6… there’s a soft drop and pick up back around 9… and a nice, fluid run to the end. Standout tracks include Some Kind of Nature, On Melancholy Hill, Plastic Beach, and Superfast Jellyfish.